Is Business Process Automation team more about robots or people?

28 June 2021

Is Business Process Automation team more about robots or people?

Both. But more about people. Are you someone who sees the beauty in freeing up people from repetitive tasks by automating them? Join the ride! 

If you scrolled down our website, you might have realized we care about integrity and open communication. That's why, before you join our team, we would like to give you a chance to find out what are the team and job all about. 

Our BPA team is all about robots. Robi, Robotek, dela, ne dela, obdelano. Almost half of our RPA clients are Slovenians, meaning številka, hitro, and lahko will be your first Bonsai words. 

What will your workday look like? 

You will start with daily team sync, where Pablo will share his feedback, and Martin will probably say with his steady voice: “Hvala ti. To mi jako puno znači.” (Thank you. It means the world to me.) Sana will continue by talking about the heartbreaking love story she is having with P12 - the process that gives her butterflies or some other weird stomach feeling.

During the day, you will give your best to automate processes by mainly using Microsoft Power Automate and sometimes the UiPath automation platform. Client’s calls will split that task, so that’s when you will be able to show your newly-gathered Slovenian knowledge. Don’t worry, you already know the majority of the necessary words. Pablo will take care of the rest. 

While your robots are running, you will have just enough time to take a sip (or two) of your coffee, Cedevita, tea, or Jamnica from our office stash with your colleagues. Then, when you are all hydrated and energetic, some zigzagging from bug fixing to automating your process will faithfully be waiting for you.

One thing you can be sure of. You will be able to end your day calmly, knowing that your process will be there for you tomorrow, the day after, and the day after until you push it to production.

On Thursdays, you will probably want to join the rest of the team at Čelin - an after-work pelin where you will get to know better colleagues from other teams who like to work from home. 

More info about the technology

Most of the processes are made with the help of Microsoft Power Automate (ex. Softomotive), and when the opportunity arises, we also use UiPath.

Unless it is cited differently in the job application you are applying for, you don’t need previous RPA experience. We like to assign you a buddy first week or two - someone to show you around the platform, share tips and tricks with you and make your life in BPA easier.

Do you need to have experience with automation platforms?

Any coding experience and general computer knowledge will get you far in this field of work. But what makes an RPA developer great is their ability to understand clients’ actual needs and the skill to build code that will satisfy those needs.

As you may have heard before, every project is specific in the IT industry. Sometimes clients are pretty clear about their wants, and other times we get their pain points and use the given opportunity to express our creativity.  

Meet the team 

When talking to the BPA team, you will hear Život je borba (Life is a struggle) quite a few times. Three times? More. Nine times? More. Fifteen times? More. One hundred and twenty-two times? Probably.

Martin is a person always having positive feedback for you. 👍 His learning skills are pretty impressive, thanks to his patient approach and a strong will to expand his knowledge. Not only does he know how to say “A boy is eating a sandwich” in Swedish, but he also remembers the days in the early 1990s. More about this molecular biologist working as an RPA developer read here

Sana appreciates two things – specific humor (like Martin’s) and frequent feedback. Sana often experiences challenges with her processes (a tip: don’t mention number 12 around her), but she always finds a way to show them who the software robots’ tamer is. Also, she adores cats but is allergic to them – ŽVT BRB.  

"Sana started by asking a lot of questions and ended up being the one with a lot of answers. That's why she's BPA's MVP." - Pablo, the RPA champion

Arči is an ex-marketing person and a rising RPA star. He is also allergic to cats, but that doesn’t stop his wife from having two of them at their home. Lovely cats, itchy-skin Arči – život je život.

Ivan's interest in automation started when scraping a popular auction website. Naturally, the whole process took way longer than simply searching for the item but this small step guided him one step closer to joining our team.

Ana is a girl who works hard and plays hard. We love having her on the team especially when a celebration is taking place. When she isn’t raising the atmosphere, she helps us figure out how to raise the robots from the dead.  

Antonio likes to wear a yellow hoodie on cold winter days to warm up our office. Maybe that’s because we gave him chills on the job interview. Nothing personal, it was just cold outside. But, of course, the blame was partly his since he had a lot of impressive things to share with us.

And then, there is Josip. We have “outsourced” him to one of our clients, and we get to hang out only at teambuilding when he brings a rugby ball that nobody knows how to throw. Fun times indeed. He is a positive attitude human, a child in a man’s body, always ready to drink a cup of coffee with you.

Matej has a love-hate relationship with software robots. His mood goes from relaxed to stressed in seconds while playing hide and seek with errors. When robots and processes aren’t occupying his mind, he is patient and calm, happy to have time for learning new things.

- Pablo, what are you doing? – I’m on a call. – Pablo, do you have a minute. – I have seven before I’m off to a call. – Pablo, you haven’t finished your lunch. – Gotta go, to a call.

Due to the amount of time Pablo spends on calls, it seems like RPA clients like his voice. No wonder, if he wasn’t the RPA team lead, he would probably become a radio host. Besides his good voice, the team appreciates his organizational skills, good humor, and thoughtfulness. 

"King of the grill." - people of

This mix of people and technology seems like a pleasant workplace? 

Apply for the BPA team!