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Zagreb, Croatia

You didn't find any open position that has matching points with your job ambitions but would like to be a part of our team? Thumbs up! 

We’re always looking for exceptional talent. 🙂 

  • Someone who likes to expand chatbot capabilities with cognitive services and custom skills - perfect for the  DEV team  (here is what your day would look like ➡ DEV team overview
  • Someone who sees the beauty in freeing up people from repetitive tasks by automating them - you will find people-alike in our BPA team (meet the team and technology ➡ BPA team overview)    
  • Someone who thinks outside of the box and has a drive for challenging but exciting AI projects - top-notch for the ADA team (gather the data on the team ➡ ADA team overview)

Let us know what you do and what are you good at. Maybe you are the missing dot we aren't yet aware of! 

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Open Application

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