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What do we offer?

We offer a small and agile team, a stimulating work environment, and transparent communication. Oops, we almost forgot - we have a pleasant amount of bad jokes we like to pass around.

Professional development

Continuous growth - constant improvement is just one of our values. Start-up mindsets that push the boundaries need proper grooming. Contact with the newest technologies together with unconditional knowledge distribution will serve well to curious minds like yours. 

Personal educational budget - no one is happier than us if you love learning and you don't find our internal workshops sufficient. Every employee has their own budget it can be used for attending courses, gaining certificates, and other greater purposes.* 

*no, ice cream is not considered as a greater purpose

Versatile projects - artificial intelligence has many applications. Every project is unique, distinctive, and challenging in specific ways. You will hardly feel like you aren't learning new things. You can thank us later. 

*The Guardian: Will I be able to do more with three screens? Adriano: No. 

Health-life balance

Co-financed Multisport membership - when you are having a bad day, a demanding client, or just need a break, there is no better option than go to the gym! Okay, maybe a swimming pool. Sauna, it is. Right after good-old office stretch.  

Paid vacations for everyone - we value your dedication more than education status. Students vs. other employees. There is no difference when it comes to terms of taking a break. Besides, how else are you going to pay for your Marg(h)aritas? 

Flexible working hours - whether you are a night owl or an early pigeon, we will love and respect you as if you were normal. :) If you can stay on top of your personal and team responsibilities, you have every right to adjust your schedule. 

Health check-up - If you don't take care of your overall health, who will? We. 😎 We will send you to a general medical examination every two years. You can thanks us later. Have a healthy and relaxed life!

Not just an office work

Choose your working space – open space rooms streamline our internal communication and contribute to our agility. We use a round table to hold meetings and play cards. If you prefer work-from-home, you can call the benefit of remote work, too.

Power-ups - bad jokes with sprinkles of bad jokes. But also - gallons of the black liquid, fruit, plenty of water for tea or Cedevita, and a minimum of three bottles of Jamnica in our office (because digestion won’t take care of itself). And Mucifer, the cat, of course.

Team buildings - hiking, board games, a trip to Lika, online games, escape room, table tennis, you name it but remember, the first rule of our team building is never to call it team-building - it is “neformalno druženje”.

And there's more!

We created a blog. A blog like no other. It gives you a closer look at our typical day in office, teams, technologies, and Bonsai people.

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